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Masonnry services

Before the preliminary designs of your walls can be drafted, the proper information must be gathered. Drawings, specifications, and a geotechnical report are forwarded to Ridge Rock engineers for reference.

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Organize your project

One key aspect of your preliminary drawings is the project information. These details, including the address of the site, keep your project organized.

It's all in the details

Though preliminary, these drawings provide vital details about the retaining wall project, including exact measurements for accurate construction.

Look to us for accurate material quotes of your individual project needs so you can feel confident planning for your specifications.

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Once preliminary designs are approved and final drawings are drafted, it is time to move forward with the creation of your walls.


Let us help you choose the high quality materials needed to craft walls with both the ideal aesthetic effect and lasting performance you expect.

Moving forward with your walls

Successful retaining wall projects require careful planning. Our preliminary design stage is critical for ensuring accuracy and successful results.

Once preliminary designs have been drafted, a materials quote can be made. This quote details the types of materials needed, the amounts of these materials, and the investment amount. Alternatives may also be presented to provide a range of options.

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