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Custom walls

The primary purpose of your retaining wall is to provide protection for your property. This doesn't mean, however, that it can't be an attractive feature as well. Look to us for a variety of reinforced wall options to suit your residential and commercial needs.

Don't compromise beauty for performance

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Design your visual appeal

Work with us to choose the Ridge Rock Retaining Wall materials that will help you achieve the look you envision for your commercial or residential space.

Customize your wall system

Create unique retaining wall systems with a variety of customizable features including curved segments, straight segments, corners, and even steps.

Project budgeting is made simpler with upfront, competitive pricing, and a pay-upon-shipment policy that enables you to easily track the progress of your project.

You pay when your order ships

Project research builds project leads and provides valuable information about the details of the project. We utilize a variety of bid services, make office visits and calls, and build relationships to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Thorough project research

Ensure your retaining walls are effective with the highest quality materials from Ridge Rock Retaining Walls. Our product options offer total project solutions.

Ask us about creating an appealing, earth-friendly retention wall option. This reinforced wall option features naturally-growing grass for a seamless complement to the rest of your property.

Create an environmentally-friendly wall system

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