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Through leveraging our relationships with owners, developers, general contractors, site contractors, engineers, and other professionals, and, utilizing an array of approaches to find potential projects.

Researching and Relationship Building

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Obtain all information

• Current set of drawings which shows layout of walls, and, top and bottom wall elevations

• Geotechnical report which determines soil parameters

• Specifications which determine the types of products approved for construction, as well as, requirements of contractors and suppliers

• Bidder's list

Prepare drawings and quotes

• Information forwarded to our engineers

• Engineers prepare preliminary design

• Materials are quantified

• Material quotes are prepared with or without final engineering

• Furnish all information to capable installer, developer, GC etc...

• Aid installer with their bid

Once the preliminary designs have been drafted, a materials quote details the types of materials needed, the amounts of these materials, and the investment amount.  Alternatives may also be presented to provide a range of options. Accurate material quantification is essential in the bid process and for budgeting the project.  

Accurate Quantification

They provide a visual basis of the finished result, and, help installers understand the challenges of the build.

Prepare for your project with preliminary designs

The bid process is an important step that requires an understanding of the project to a point that appropriate values can be assigned to your scope of work. Learn more about the process below.

During the bid process, any potential problems with the project are evaluated and any precautionary notes are made. These notes benefit installers and help guide the project toward a successful result.

Make vital notes about the project

Keep your project in control from the start.


Our years of experience have provided us the knowledge, expertise and problem solving solutions to handle a variety of project challenges. Give us a call to discuss your project needs.

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