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S.E.S. recommends that all MSE walls be designed by a licensed Professional Engineer who specializes in the design of these structures and they incorporate proper preventative measures into the design to prevent failures.

Designing your custom wall

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Prepare preliminary designs

Preliminary designs take into account a variety of factors, including specifications, elevations, soil parameters, and more.

Draft a material quote

The preliminary drawings are used to determine the types and amounts of materials needed for the project, as well as an estimate of the cost.

If your project has reinforced soil slopes or segmental retaining walls specified in the plans, let us be your solution for effective, successful results.


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Let us be your solution

Every retaining wall is a unique project. The best results come not from just piling materials in a generic design. Our engineering services provide custom attention for your specific project with value-engineering always on our minds.

Engineering services are very important to the success of your project but the professional you choose is up to you. We will provide you with a thorough quote  with or without engineering services included so you can make confident decisions.

Let us recommend the right engineer for you

If you encounter issues during your project, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for knowledgeable, personalized solutions. Our experienced staff and our engineers are here to help.

Problem solving solutions